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Table. 1.

Cause of drooling.

Posture▪ Lack of muscle control of head and neck35,41
▪ Motor control function decrease40
▪ Difficulty in maintain upright posture, flexed posture2,39
▪ Uneffective jaw stability42
Oral motor function▪ Oral muscles, muscle tone, sensori-motor coordination, oro-facial coordination decrease1,20,43
▪ Difficulty of lip closure, open mouth position9,14
▪ Limited tongue movement, coordination of oris orbicularis between masseter decrease2,9,42
▪ Lack of swallowing coordination2
▪ Saliva control efficiency decrease3
▪ Difficulty in bolus formation, weak sucking pressure, dysphagia1
Sensory▪ Low oral sensitivity6,41
▪ Low sensory (tactile) awareness30
▪ Sensory process problem44
▪ Low sensory response front part of mouth (lips) that detect drooling outside35
Cognition▪ Concentration, cognitive function, voluntary swallowing frequency decrease2,39,40
▪ Lack of awareness of oral cavity35
Etc.▪ Malocclusion7, gingivitis, caries8
▪ Upper airway infection, nasal congestant, reflux9
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