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Table. 4.

Stepwise linear regression analysis for the association between the application of fluid thickener and △BUN/Cr ratio and partial correlation coefficient adjusted for IV hydration, time from onset, PAS at cup trial, and pharyngeal pooling

Total (N=81) △BUN/Cr ratio

Stepwise linear regression Partial correlation coefficient

β P r P
Fluid thickener 0.229 0.020* 0.225 0.049
IV hydration −0.074 0.225
Time from onset (days) −0.021 0.428
PAS (liquid cup) −0.014 0.451
Pharyngeal pooling 0.029 0.398

Values are presented as mean±standard deviation

β: standardized regression coefficient, r: partial correlation coefficient, BUN: blood urea nitrogen, Cr: creatinine, △BUN/Cr ratio: change in the values of BUN/Cr ratio, IV: intravenous, PAS: penetration-aspiration scale


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